How To Teach Yourself To Play Piano

This page is made to save you a lot of time researching and looking for the right way to start learning piano.

OK, so you want to learn piano, that’s of course great, but before we dive into specifics, and because I really want you to succeed in your pursuit, let’s get a few things straight and go by a step-by-step guide together, so we understand what is that you expect to get and thus what can I help you with. I assume you want to teach yourself piano at home, at your own pace, so let’s go over to the first step and get answers to a few questions.

Step 1


First of all, ask yourself the following simple questions, of course if you haven’t already…

  1. Do I want to become a professional pianist or I just want to be able to play any song of my choice?
  2. Do I want to learn how to read music notes or I just want to learn piano by ear?
  3. How much time can I spend on learning to play?

Ok, if you have answered to the questions above, let’s go ahead to the next step and see what good options we can come up with according to your specific needs.

Step 2


Sure, you can look for free piano tutorials on the internet and it may be OK, but it will certainly result in waste of many hours searching for free stuff and in the end you are going to compromise on your progress, on the easiness of training, on the time and the end result.

Now the best advice I can probably give to novice piano players is get a solid, well organized and planned piano learning course or software, because if you just want to learn piano by some free YouTube tutorials or similar stuff, then this website is probably not for you. I made that mistake and I wish I had spent that couple bucks on a decent training membership site back then when I was just starting, because after I did my skills got far better in a very short period of time.

Well, in case you are looking for a quality learning and you’re dedicated to putting some time and effort into learning piano then you’ll find just the right piano learning method in the next point, go ahead and read it.

Step 3


Remember the questions you answered in the first step? Now let’s save you time and find out the best piano learning courses according to your exact goals. I divided all of the lessons into 3 types and you’ll certainly find one matching your needs.

This is an all encompassing, in-depth but still easy and well organized training that includes everything from beginner to professional levels, walking you through everything step by step in an easy to learn way.

Play Piano In 30 Days

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The best features are…

    • New learning techniques that cut down the learning curve by multiple times
    • Play many popular songs in less than a month
    • Reading and even composing your own music in weeks
    • Play piano by ear even if you have no experience at all
    • Big collection of music sheets and audio files in every genre and for every occasion
    • Piano software and tools with piano quizzes, games, visualization tools, flashcards and more

If you don’t have much time to spend in front of keyboard and want to start playing just in matter of couple hours or less I would recommend “Hear And Play” or “Rocket Piano”


Visit Hear And Play >


Visit Rocket Piano >


OK, you want a solid piano foundation and professional level skills, what you need is:

Learn & Master Piano with Will Barrow

Piano Learning System

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  2. Pianomarvel (Watch The Review)
  3. HearAndPlay (The Website)

You can also check out the most affordable courses on the cheapest piano lessons page.

I remember when one of my friends was growing up, he was constantly spending many Saturday afternoons with his piano teacher. She was like the poster child for piano teachers – an old maid in a bun wielding a stick which she used to hit my friend’s hand every time he hit the wrong key. It was only an hour but he dreaded it. He practiced his piano pieces for days, often in tears, because all he really wanted to do was play outside with me. He was so relieved when he was allowed to quit. Now that he is an adult, he realizes that he squandered an opportunity.

There are many benefits in playing the piano. Listening to its sounds is soothing to the soul. There’s something about combination of ivory and ebony keys that is just so mesmerizing. Music brings people together, a language that binds listeners. Plus, you have a talent that is useful. But if you are like me who quit learning the piano, don’t despair. You don’t have to go through the humiliation of being whacked on the hand. You can teach yourself piano!

Ok, enough stories, let’s cut straight to the chase. When it comes to teaching yourself piano, there are a lot of different ways on how to learn piano by yourself, if you want to take an easy and fast approach and you just want to have the skills to play just about any melody that you hear, then I would certainly recommend you to skip right away to my How to play piano by ear, How to learn piano fast or The best ways to learn piano pages. But if you are looking for more extensive or professional level studies, just continue on, we will be getting on that soon enough.

You might be wondering, how hard is it to teach yourself piano? Most people think that as an adult, your hands have a mind of its own. Not to mention that you have arthritic hands from all the abuse you made your hands go through growing up. While that’s a valid concern, remember that you are also an adult, and you now have more maturity and patience (hopefully) to teach yourself anything. As a child, you learned how to read notes, but as an adult you can teach yourself to play piano by ear. Yes, it’s true. How?

The internet is the place to learn how to play piano. Websites like the ones just below this page let you learn on your own pace. You’re probably busy like everyone else, and therefore, learning through these type of sites is the best way to go. You don’t have to wait for your turn with your teacher, you can take your teacher with you anywhere! Travelling? Just get online for as long as you like, or better yet just get one of piano learning software packages or mobile apps and you’re good to go and learn wherever you would be. You can make a career out of playing or just learn one piece to play for a special occasion. It’s up to you. The methods of all the courses presented on MusicVideoTheory have been tested and proven to work on almost anyone. You don’t have to spend hours practicing the same tune over and over. It’s a fun and cool way to learn piano. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, just find the right tutorials for you and nail it!

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