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Don’t Know How To Read Piano Sheet Music?

If you are completely new to music, don’t know reading notes and want to learn how to play a keyboard instrument, the first and most important step is studying about the notes on the piano keyboard. Keyboard notes are quite easy to learn if one takes the right approach. You will quickly get familiar to the keys, their places on the keyboard and how each one of them corresponds to the music, to the pitch of their sound. All the pianists know by sight the basic thirty-eight notes on the grand keyboard and that’s the first thing you will need to see and familiarize yourself with. Then, you will be taught the extended notes of the bass and the treble clefs separately. At the end you will be able to understand which notes on the keyboard correspond to which notes on the music staff. The following page will help you understand what the notes are and how the keys are arranged, just head over to Reading Piano Notes section and check out all the cool info about reading sheet music specifically for piano.

Piano Sheet Music For Beginners

In case you are already familiar with reading music notes, feel free to go to Easy Piano Songs page, where you can find printable keyboard music notes and listen to some great musical pieces that are perfect for beginner keyboard players. These are really good for beginners, so go ahead, download, print then play the PDF sheet music files for free and enjoy the melodies.

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